So many questions.. so little time..
Here’s a question we always receive..
How much will it cost me to have you produce my music?

Answer: What we do, as far as a fee goes is take it one song at a time..
Because.. some songs require less production than others and some require more.
For example, a ballad may sound great with just piano, acoustic guitar and a vocal.
other songs, may need drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, dobro, mandolin, banjo… Of course a song like that would be more expensive because of the players involved.

The good news these days is that you do not need to go to a recording studio and bring all the players in at the same time! The way I produce is I create the arrangement and come up with the parts using computer and samples. Then, if warranted, I replace the samples with real players.. It works great this way because the players get an idea of what we’re going for in your song, but they can then add their own spice to their part and that’s where the magic happens. Most of the players I know have home studios where they record their parts. They can then send me their part over the internet as an audio file, and I drop their file into the song and line it all up.

As for recording your vocal, you can come here to Franklin and we can use a friend’s studio to record in, or I can send you the stereo mix and you can record your vocal in your home studio, or a local studio. Then either I take the audio files back with me (or you send to me your vocal audio files) to my home studio to mix it with the music. It works great! So, that keeps the cost far less than it used to be! If I record all the parts myself using samples, that keeps the cost down, of course. But there’s nothing like the real thing:)

I am sure you have other questions about what we do and how we do it. Ask away! Fill out our contact form and we’ll connect and discuss your music and how we can be a part!

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